Sunday, 3 August 2014

Introducing the HALT, Lord of Sandwiches

Today me and Nicole invented a Sandwhich, we called it the HALT


It's a vegetarian option to a BLT, or BLAT. Simple and fun to do, so simple that I feel kind of ridiculous putting a "recipe" here, but here it comes.
  1. Get some good bread and toast two slices
  2. Fry the halloumi in a pan, or even better, grill it on your barbecue.
  3. Spread a quarter of an avocado on one piece of toast.
  4. Add halloumi on top of the avocado
  5. Add a couple of tomato slices and some lettuce.
  6. Close the sandwich
  7. Eat and Enjoy, preferably in the sun on your balcony or back yard.   

Here are some pictures from when we made it this morning. 

Frying some Halloumi

Sandwhich building in progress

Lots of healthy and delicious lettuce.

Here you have it in all it's Glory.

Nicole trying to eat the HALT. 
Need a bigger mouth!

Help me spread it to the cafe's around the world. The people deserve HALT!

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