Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Museum of Sydney

After spending most of my time the latest weeks for the apartment hunting and moving I decided to spend an afternoon doing something touristy and educational. So headed downtown to visit the Museum of Sydney.

It's not a very big museum, it's three narrow floors with a couple of rooms in each. But its pretty packed and I spent a good 2 hours in there and I still have a few rooms left that I saved for a future visit with Nicole. It naturally focuses on the history of Sydney and NSW.

First Government House
The museum is located on the site of the first Government house so it has an exhibit about the house and how the museum came to be. The First Government house was the home and office of the first 9 Governors of Australia and was extended many times before it was in such a bad shape that it had to be replaces by the new Government house, which is in great condition and can be visited in the Botanical Gardens. The first government house was not only in bad shape, it was also located in a prime location what had become central Sydney and when the streets needed to be extended they demolished the house. It was forgotten until a few decades ago when the site was going to be turned into another of Sydney sky rises and an archaeological dig found the remains of the old government house. 
Visit the museum to learn more or read about it here

Well worth a visit
Though the museum is not very big it's still well worth a visit. My favorite rooms where the models of the 11 ships from the First Fleet, the model and story of the First Government House and the rooms with Aboriginal history. 

Entrance to museum and a monument to the Aboriginal tribes of the Sydney area. 
The white stones in the ground outline the houses of the First Government House.

Model of the First Government House.

Models of the ships of the First Fleet

Painting depicting when Governor Phillips got attacked and wounded by an Aboriginal spear.

Memorial Stone

Visitor Details
  •  Adult $10 I
  •  Child/Concession $5 |
  •  Family $20 |
  •  Members free |
Hours:Open daily 10am — 5pm | Closed Good Friday and Christmas Day

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