Thursday, 7 August 2014

Visiting Black Markets on Bare Island

This weekend we headed over to visit the Black Market on Bear Island with my partner Nicole and our friends Vinny and Luan.

Black Markets

Black markets feature authentic Aboriginal products and is run by an organisation called First Hand Solutions which focuses on . They had ceramics from a group called Black Sun, not sure if the similar name was a coincidence or just how they branded themselves at the market. Nicole picked up a bowl. They sold bush food in the form of bbq crocodile and kangaroo. You could pick up CD's from indigenous artist and touristy stuff like boomerangs.

There were workshops on basked making and catching fish Aboriginal style and talk of indigenous history. We didn't go to any of those but we did catch the traditional dancing, pictures below.

There was also a selection of stalls which I am not really sure had an indigenous connection like scented candles and taro readings. I had expected a bigger market but it was still fun to explore it.

Read more about First Hand Solutions and Black Markets at!markets/c176a

Traditional Aboriginal Dancing

Bare Island and The Fortress

While I enjoyed the market I was really more interested in the Island and the Fortress on it.

Bare Island is located in Botany Bay which was the spot that the First Fleet lead by Captain Philips first arrived to when they settled in Australia, they later gave up the location for the better suited Port Jackson, today's Circular Quay and the location of Sydney Harbor.  

There are guided tours of the fortress and a museum in La Perouse. So it is definitely on the bucket list to check it out and take one of the tours.

Beach just outside the fortress, water was amazingly clear.

Wooden Trestle Bridge out to the Island

Bare Island and fortress.

View from the fortress inland.

Australian flag flying over the fortress.

Aboriginal flag flying over the fortress entrance.

Fortress courtyard.

Getting there.

Getting there by public transport was easy. From Bondi Junction were we live it was about an hour on the bus and only one stop. Nice buss ride too. :)


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