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Local Beach Tamarama on a Rainy Day

Local Beach on a Rainy Day

Tamarama is the beach closest to us, it is still a 20 minute walk but it feels really nice to go there for a walk. I don't think I have ever been for a swim there as it is pretty rough and there are several closer beaches that are much better for swimming. But I have dipped my feet there plenty of times and it is really nice in winter when there are almost no one around. 

Last weekend we took a stroll down to the beach, it was a gray and partially rainy day but it was still beautiful to visit. They recently added a cafe, bathrooms and some new barbecues so I am looking forward to heading back there this spring and summer for some serious beach hang.

Here are some pictures from our gray but lovely day at Tamarama.

Dangerous Surf

I have heard before that Tamarama is one of the more dangerous surf beaches in the Sydney area. The sea is usually pretty rough and there are lots of rocks around, and probably even more hidden under the water. And a fatal accident earlier this year showed that it might well be the case. 

There are a life guard tower at Tamarama but it is only manned in the summer. If an accident happen they have to have life guards from nearby Bondi Beach to come which of course, even if they are fast will take a while to show up. 


 Tamarama on a Sunny Day

Visiting Tamarama and writing this post brings back a lot of memories. Tamarama was the first place I visiting after moving to Sydney. After 9 long months apart I moved from Sweden to Sydney to be with Nicole. I arrived pretty late in the evening and didn't get to see much. The next day, my first in Australia we walked down to Tamarama and from there we took the coastal walk to Bondi. The joy, confusion and jet lag of being in Sydney with Nicole after months of planning was both overwhelming and wonderful.

Here are some photos from that day.

Rough day, as almost always at Tamarama.

Nicole laughing at me as I dropped my shoes for a splash in the ocean.

Happy Together after 9 months of being a world apart, quite literally.

View from top of Tamarama Park

I love this sign.

Tamarama Park



 Eastern Beaches

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