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Maroubra - Eastern Beaches

Eastern Beaches

One thing that I love when living in Bondi Junction is the Eastern Beaches and Bays. There are so many beaches, bays and little reserves along the coast which gives an almost  unending amount of options to visit and explore. Except for the more known beaches Bondi, Bronte and Coogee, there are plenty of smaller beaches.

This post is about our visit to the little less known of the beaches, Maroubra.


I had lived almost a year in Sydney before I heard people mention Maroubra. I suspect that it is just far enough away from Sydney to make most people not be bother to go there. Nicole and me decided to go there for a visit on a chilly but clear winter day. I was surprised by the long, almost empty beach and the unhurried streets and shops. Even in winter Bondi is pretty busy, at least the restaurants and cafes. Maroubra on the other side shows nothing of this, the streets were calm and the hand full of places to eat gave a little village feel to it. It felt like we had gone to a small coastal town a couple of hours out of Sydney and not just 10 km from the city center.

It was winter so we didn't go swimming of course. Instead we took a stroll down beach and then a lunch at a lovely cafe. We really enjoyed it and talked about going back in the summer.

Here are some photos from our winter visit. Click for larger version

Rough day, as is common in Sydney. :)

A strange Rubrics cube in the middle of the beach.

It's a long beach, about 1 km long. Which is long for a Sydney Beach.

Nicole enjoying the winter visit to the beach.

Turns out the rubrics cube was a ventilation shaft for the water drainage. 


Eastern Beaches Series

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