Sunday, 14 September 2014

Swedish Midsummer In Sydney


I just wanted to share some photos from our amazing Swedish Midsummer that we had in Centennial Park back in the day. Since I moved here I have gotten to know a handful of Swedish people. Some from work, some from the Svenskar i Sydney group on Facebook and some through Nicole's Swedish classes. So when midsummer approached me, Sigge and Mikael decided to cook up something Swedish and invited some Swedish friends and their partners. Unfortunately Nicole couldn't make it as she was on a work trip up the Central Coast.

Trying to be Australian casual we tried to organise as little possible. We decided on a place in Centennial Park and bring a plate style pick-nick. ( Knytkalas as it is called in Swedish. ) There was no rules that the food actually needed to be Swedish but I think many were inspired to bring something Swedish for the event.

A couple of days before me and Sigge went via IKEA and picked up herring ( inlagd sill ), hard bread ( knäckebröd ) and matured cheese ( Prästost ).  I made a pretty unswedish pasta sallad, but Sigge spent the whole morning making meatballs with boiled potatoes.

I can't remember what every else brought but it was a feast and great fun. We had a beautiful sunny day as you can see, remember that it was midwinter in Australia! It was a huge success and I am already looking forward to planning a Swedish xmas dinner :)

Sigge, Filip, Sofie, Michel and Mikael chilling in the sun waiting for Jasmine and Kenny to show up

Mikael, Michel and Sigge in the grass.

For such an unplanned event it was huge success and amount of food.

Amazing Strawberry cake by Jasmine

Michel and some really lovely home made Cider

Beautiful day in Centennial Park, remember it's Winter

One of my favourites spots in Sydney, Centennial Park

Michel had made kanelbullar!

As expected in Centennial Park we got some avian visitors.

Centinnial Park

Centennial Park is one of my favourite spots in Sydney. It's within walking distance from our Apartment in Bondi Junction so we got there quite a lot to run, look at birds or just hang out on our pick nick blanket and look at the dogs. 

One of the first posts I wrote, more than a year ago now was about Centennial Park. :)

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