Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hyde Park Barracks

Unlocking Australia's Past

It rained the whole day yesterday so we decided to have a museum day. One thing that I have been keen to learn more about is Australian history. All we learn about Australia in school in Sweden is that it was a big prison island. A Europe-sized Alcatraz, a wonderful idea worthy of being made into major motion picture, but more myth than reality I always suspected. So we decided to check out Hyde Park Barracks which once was a central node in Sydney's convict handling and today is a museum covering not only it's own history but also that of Sydney's early history.

Large murals cover the walls of one of the exhibition rooms. This one shows the state of affairs in England at the time. Notice the pickpocket at the right hand side of the picture. He has a future in Australia to look forward to. 

Another big mural showing life outside the Barracks. 

Model showing the building of the Barracks in 1818.

Up to 70 convicts slept in the same room on the top floor of the barracks. Boys as young as 9 and men as old as 70 where convicted to a life in the colonies.

It was a great day and we both enjoyed the museum very much. There was plenty to see and the two hours we had put aside for visiting the museum was a bit on the short side. We had to hurry through the last two rooms before they rang the closing bell and kicked us out. We both had a fab time and I can highly recommend the museum.

* Admission
At $10 it was well priced and a copy of the Sydney Morning Herald was included in the price.
* Opening hours:
Open daily 10am - 5pm
* Location:
Hyde Park Barracks are located at the top of Hyde Park. Closest train stations are "St. James Station" or "Martins Place" depending on what line you are on.
* Web site:
* Map:

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